Senator Bob Rankin, District 8

Bills and Awards

Representative Rankin’s Bills from 2013-2018

HB 13-1203 List of Contracts Between Political Subdivisions

HB 13-1188 Coordinated Response to Federal Land Decisions First attempt to have state support local government in dealing with federal land decisions. This attempt failed.

HB 13-1139 Repeal Various Obsolete Entities The bill repeals a number of entities that are no longer in use.

SB 13-188 Landowner Preference Wildlife Hunting License Replaces the current landowner preference programs for hunting licenses with a single program.

HB 14-1221 Sunset Fire Suppression Contractor Regulation.

HB 14-1217 Clarify Mineral Rights Property Owned by County.

HB 14-1150 Federal Land Coordination Second attempt to have state support local government in dealing with federal land decisions. This attempt failed.

SB 14-188 Species Conservation Trust Fund Project List.

HB 15-1387 End Transfer Of Med Marijuana To Retail Marijuana.

HB 15-1334 Legislative Oversight Committee on School Finance.

HB 15-1317 Pay For Success Contracts.

HB 15-1310 Division Parks & Wildlife Acquire Real Property.

HB 15-1266 Information Technology Budget Request Process.

HB 15-1225 Federal Land Coordination The bill requires the governor to provide support to local governments who are interested. This aid includes: Entering into relationships with federal agencies, sharing expertise with federal land managers, developing local land use plans, and hiring consultants to analyze local government.

HB 15-1201 BOCES & Centralized Operating Services Grants.

HB 15-1150 Severance Tax Opportunity Fund Transfers For Mine Reclamation.

HB 15-1145 Implement Federal Radioactive Materials Audit.

SB 15-288 Compensation of State and County Public Officials

Flexible approach that allows counties to set their own salaries.

SB 15-270 Create The Office Of State Architect.

SB 15-246 Statewide Financial IT Systems Mod For DPA.

SB 15-244 Transfers Related to Fed Mineral Lease Recoupment (JBC) The state acknowledges that it must return money to the US government for bonus payments and annual rental that were previously disbursed. It is to be refunded as part of the settlement of a lawsuit related to the Roan Plateau.  

SB 15-236 Reorganize State Historical Society Funds.

SB 15-228 Medicaid Provider Rate Review (JBC) Establishes a process for the department of health care policy and financing to review provider fee rates. The department is required to establish a schedule of rates to be reviewed to ensure that every rate is reviewed every five years.

SB 15-211 Automatic Funding For Capital Assets.

SB 15-189 Repeal Consolidated Tobacco Prog Reporting Requirements.

SB 15-188 Tier 1 Tobacco Settlement Money Allocations.

SB 15-167 Modify 2014-15 Appropriations From Marijuana Revenue.

SB 15-112 General Fund Transfers to Building Regulation Fund.

SB 15-039 Concurrent Jurisdiction Over Federal Land.

HB 16-1069 Allow City to Set Housing Authority Commission Term Length.

HB 16-1163 Appropriations From Noxious Weed Management Fund.

HB 16-1184 High Cost Support Mechanism Fund Transfer to Broadband Fund (JBC)  High cost support mechanism (HCSM) funds distributed to the broadband fund are transferred by July 1 of each year, and HCSM money in the broadband fund is to be continuously appropriated.

HB 16-1196 Aspire to College Colorado Pilot Program.

HB 16- 1209 Working Group to Study Program Evaluation.

HB 16-1222 Supplemental Online education and Blended Learning Resources  Creates the statewide supplemental online and blended learning program that better administers the availability of BOCES online education courses and services.

HB 16-1229 Higher Education Financial Obligation Repayment.

HB 16-1332 Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicle Income Tax Credits.

HB 16-1336 Study Single Geographic Area Individual Health Plans  Directs the commissioner of insurance to look at the effectiveness and impacts of creating a single geographic rating area to determine premium rates for individual health benefit plans.

HB 16-1367 County Categories for Officers for Salary Purposes.

HB 16- 1408 Cash Fund Allocations for Health-related Programs.

HB 16-1411 Fort Lyon Residential Community Study.

HB 16-1413 Refinance Water Pollution Control Program.

HB 16-1414 Funding Base for Telecom Relay Services.

HB 16-1418 Marijuana Tax Cash Fund Transfer to General Fund.

HB 16-1422 Financing Public Schools.

HB 16-1433 Retain & Spend Severance Tax Revenues for Reserve Fund.

HB 16-1451 Procurement Code Working Group.

SB 16-035 The Public School Fund.

SB 16-092 State Authority Under Federal Oil Pollution Act.

SB 16-167 Severance Tax Operational Fund Reserve Reduction.

SB 16-190 Improve County Administration Public Assistance Program.

SB 16-191 Marijuana Research Marijuana Tax Cash Fund.

SB 16-195 Veterans Centers Annual Appropriations From Central Fund.

SB 16-203 Evaluations of the State’s Tax Expenditures (JBC) Specifies that the state auditor is responsible for evaluating the state’s tax expenditures.

SB 16-204 Higher Education Revenue Bond Intercept Program.

SB 16-218 State Severance Tax Refunds.

HB 17-1051 Procurement Code Modernization.

HB 17-1287 Achieving a Vision for Education In Colorado.

HB 17-1295 Repeal Governor’s Office of Marijuana Coordination.

HB 17-1345 Retail Marijuana Sales Tax Rate.

HB 17-1351 Study Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment.

HB 17-1361 Evaluate State Information Technology Resources (JBC) Requires the state auditor to retain an independent third-party consulting firm that is qualified to evaluate different plans and resources.

SB 17-176 Motor Vehicle License Plate Appropriations.

SB 17-193 Research Center Prevention Substance Abuse Addiction.

SB 17-255 Technology Advancement and Emergency Fund.

SB 17-257 Historical Society Community Museums Cash Fund.

SB 17-258 Using Open Educational Resources in Higher Education.

SB 17-259 General Fund Transfers Protect Natural ResourcesThe state treasurer is to transfer money from the general fund as follows: $2,272,727 million to the forest restoration and wildfire risk mitigation grant program cash fund;  $4,090,909 million to the species conservation trust fund;  $2,452,193 million to the division of parks and outdoor recreation aquatic nuisance species fund; and  $1,184,171 million to the division of wildlife aquatic nuisance species fund.

SB 17-292 Colorado Works Employment Opportunities with Wages.

SJR 17-009 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

SJR 17-019 Colorado Aerospace Day.

SJR 17-022 Colorado Mountain College.

HB 18-1002 Rural School District Teaching Fellowship Programs The department of education is directed to identify areas where there is a teacher shortage within the state and a specific subject. A rural school district and public/private higher education institution may enter an agreement to provide a teaching fellowship program for students enrolled in the fourth year of educator preparation program. The student will be provided with a $10,000 stipend to use for cost of attendance during the fellowship year. If the teaching fellow receives an offer of employment in the district and does not accept it, the fellow must repay the amount of the stipend. The state will choose 100 fellows annually to provide 50% of the stipend for. The institution provide the remaining 50%.

HB 18-1116 Broadband Deployment Board Apply for Federal Funds (JBC)
Authorizes the broadband deployment board to apply for federal funding of broadband deployment and allocate any federal money received to broadband deployment projects that have been approved by the board.

HB 18-1173 Supplemental General Fund Transfer Info Tech Capital Construction Account.

HB 18-1297 Hospital Financial Transparency Measures The department of health care policy and financing and the Colorado healthcare affordability and sustainability enterprise board prepare an annual report detailing uncompensated hospital costs and the different categories of payments made by general hospitals in the state (hospital expenditure report). The department is to use public data whenever possible. Each general hospital in the state is required certain data available.

HB 18-1249 Anvil Points Federal Mineral Lease Distribution (JBC) If the state receives any money from oil and gas production on naval oil shale reserve land that was previously set aside and withheld by the federal government, the money is to be given back to the counties: Garfield, Rio Blanco, Mesa and Moffat instead of the mineral leasing fund.The “Federal Mineral Lease District Act” is amended to permit these distributions to be made to a federal mineral lease district, if one exists, on behalf of a county.

SB 18-086 Cyber Coding Cryptology for State Records

Awards Received

2013,2014,2017- Colorado Civil Justice League Common Sense in the Courtroom “Colorado Civil Justice League is the only organization in Colorado focused exclusively on limiting unreasonable lawsuits and preserving common sense in the courtroom.” (

2016- Colorado Hotel and Lodge Association Legislature of the Year

2017- Alliance Legislature of the Year Alliance is a statewide, nonprofit association. The Association works to provide support and advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Alliance’s Mission Statement: “An association dedicated to strengthening community services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by collaboratively advancing innovative policies and practices.” (

2014- 2015- Farm Bureau Friend of Pinnacle

2017- Governor’s Tourism Award, Chairman’s award

2017- Club 20 Dan Noble Award “The Mission of Club 20 is to provide education, advocacy, support, networking opportunities, and policy-maker access to our members throughout Western Colorado so they can thrive in resilient, economically healthy communities.” (

2016- Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) Stanley A. Leftwich Award. “BOCES exist to supply educational services to two or more school districts that alone cannot afford the service, or find it advantageous and cost-effective to cooperate with other districts.” (

2014- Colorado Association of Conservation Districts (CACD) Legislature of the Year. “The mission of CACD is to serve as the unified voice for the conservation districts of Colorado, facilitating outreach, education and support of landowners in their stewardship of natural resources.” (

2016, 2017- Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council Community Behavioral Health Champion“CBHC provides a network of skilled therapeutic and community resources to meet the behavioral health needs of all Colorado residents and their families so that all can have equal and full access to a quality of life.” (

2017- Home Care Association Colorado Friend of Home Care"Leaders advocating for health care at home." (